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Ding Dong Dinner

This week, Thanksgiving is afoot! Melissa talks about her eventful trip to the ER with the in-laws, Jess is horrified at the Pavlov training of her youngest, and we...

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This Isn’t Our Best Episode – 6

We may or may not have tanked it on this one with tangents. We’ll let you be the judge. Melissa proposes a new segment by letting her daughter sing...

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Smelly Business – 5

Jess and Melissa discuss all the smells, Melissa is accosted by smell in the theatre, and one sad man told the wrong chick her lady business didn’t seem quite...

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Who Wouldn’t? – 4

Great ways to tell people to eat a d!ck. Also, when to euthanize your doggie and a little hopeful (although woefully misguided) commentary about Kevin Spacey. Sigh. Live and...

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Zit Cakes – 3

We discuss, amongst other things, Dr. Pimple Popper and poppable zit cakes.  Melissa grosses us out to the point where both Jess and John almost barf. Enjoy!

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Where are we going? – 2

When you ask your kids to come to dinner and they don’t get that you’ve made it yourself for once.

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Behind The Mic

Melissa brilliant

Show Co- Host

Melissa got the name Brilliant from marrying....wait for it...Dr. Brilliant. Nevertheless, she lives to live up to the name with witty and sometimes biting observations about her 2 teenagers and 3 rescue dogs.

Jessica Kupferman

Show Co-Host

Jessica has never been called Brilliant by anyone other than her Jewish mother. Her job in this show is to keep Melissa honest, and rat out her husband and 2 sons, one toddler and one teenager.

"John Jon" Bukenas

Show Producer and Sidekick

John is the brilliant editor along for the ride - piping in with a man's opinion when needed, and desperate to stay quiet when sensing hot water. He is a proud member of TWSTP. 

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